Medical insurance

Every foreign worker who works in Israel with a work visa applies the Foreign Labor Laws and Foreign Workers Law, 1991, including that he must be insured under the Foreign Workers Law.
Section D1 of the Foreign Workers Law states that the employer must arrange, at his expense, medical insurance for the foreign worker he has been employed for the duration of his employment.
Foreign Workers Order dated October 17, 2001 (approval of the employment transaction and guarantee of fair conditions), inter alia regulates the issue of medical insurance and the coverage of medical care of foreign workers. According to the order, the medical insurance of foreign workers should include the services and medicines that are eligible for the state health insurance with certain exceptions, as specified in the order.

The responsibility for medical insurance for the foreign worker lies with the employer, as provided by law.


The following is a summary of the medical insurance extended by foreign workers’ order:

1. Medical expenses not during hospitalization –
• 24-hour primary care at the client’s home or at regional clinics.
• Professional medicine and laboratory testing services, x-rays, ultrasound and more.
• Medicines included in the health basket with a doctor’s prescription, unlimited.
• Emergency dental treatment at agreement clinics.
• Evacuation of an ambulance to a medical center due to an emergency.
• Health care for pregnant women who are employed in Israel for at least 9 months or because of an emergency.
• All services without any deductibles.

2. Medical expenses during hospitalization –
• All medical expenses related to emergency room care.
• Inpatient allowance and all inpatient and treatment expenses, unlimited days and inpatient expenses.
• Inpatient services in a psychiatric hospital in a medical emergency for up to 60 days.
• All services without self-participation and pre-arranged coordination.

3. Special expenses –
• The expenses of returning the insured to the country of origin are by ordinary or medical flight.
• Moving body expenses and escort expenses.
• Payment for disability or death from an accident up to $ 10,000.

4. Exceptions not covered –
• Psychological services, nursing treatments, genetic testing and birth.
• Previous medical event suffered by the insured before entering insurance.
• Self-harm, road accidents and work accidents.
• And as indicated in the various sections of the policy.

5. General sections –
• The offer is subject to the policy conditions required by the insurer.
• The insurance is suitable for foreign workers up to the age of 64 inclusive.
• Every insured must sign a signed health statement.
• Insurance will take effect upon filing and payment of paper and with the insurer’s approval.
• Insurance can be frozen or canceled when the employer dies or leaves the employee.
• Controls Every insurance case should be contacted at the medical center 24 hours a day